Uncover the magnificent wonders of Laamu Gan Island with the fun and convenience of a guided bicycle tour. Accompanied by a friendly guide, you’ll roam this island paradise on a bike, following trails once used by early settlers. Local attractions include “Haiytheli”, located on Gan, which is a small hill known as the historical Buddhist temple prior to Maldives embracing Islam. “Paree Fengandu” is a lake in the woods, known for its association with old folk tales and legends. and lined by exotic palm trees and stunning homes. Along the way, you’ll learn all about Gan island.

You’ll be enchanted by your lunch destination, the Garden for that perfect souvenir from the Maldives, browse the Arts and Crafts, which offers an enticing selection of locally crafted fragrances, wood carvings, seashell jewelry and art, candles, books, handmade straw gifts and much more. Wrap up your delightful excursion at one of Gan island beaches, where you can soak up the sun’s rays and swim in the aquamarine waters of this wonderful island paradise.