Visit to the Laamu Atoll Tuna Fish Factory About 20 minutes by speedboat away from Rahaa Resort is the Horizon Tuna Fish Factory.

Laamu Atoll has 11 inhabited islands, for 10 of those the main income is in fishing. The Maldives has 3 Tuna Factories were the one in the Laamu Atoll is the biggest, with 535 employees from 5 different countries it is even the biggest in SouthEast Asia. 4000 tons of tuna can be stored in here. The temperature in the storage area is -24 degrees. Around the whole facility, it is very very clean. Inspectors come for monthly visits to check that all food processing regulations are upheld for the factory to be able to export to Europe. UK supermarkets Sainsbury and Waitrose sell the tuna from this specific factory in the Laamu Atoll. The offal from cleaning the tuna does not go to waste, it gets made into fertilizer and is being exported to Sri Lanka and is probably being used on the tea plantations were our tea comes from. In Maldives, fishermen use a method called “pole and line fishing, One man, one fishing pole, one fish – no nets used, no by-catch, no overfishing!