A fusion of cuisines. Flavors for all. With an array of global dishes, you are sure to find something delectable for your palette. Our restaurant will be serving buffets for all the main meals while our cafe’s and bar will make sure that your culinary needs are satisfied around the clock.

Set right on the beach with views out to the sea. this grill serves charcoal-grilled meat, flambé dishes, and a selection of island-grown organic food. Quality meat is cooked to your desires, complemented with traditional barbeque side dishes and a Selection of wines.


Experiencing Rahaa’s refined charm and romantic character will make you want to have it all to yourselves. The amorous ambiance that is vying for your attention is as appealing as the private dining delights that you can spoil your special someone with. Enjoy quiet, peaceful moments with your loved one as you dine on the evening’s specials.


The main, restaurant will help you blossom into a true gourmand, understanding that the quality of your Maldives’ experience is refined by your dining experience as well. A different world cuisine each day of the week to take you to various parts of the world, while still remaining at the one you wouldn’t trade for anything else. Whatever your favorite meal, our restaurants are an uncontested culinary delight