This is an exciting one-hour long cruise on a local dhoni, a boat traditionally made by master craftsmen in wood. During this cruise, you get to watch the sunset over the Maldivian skyline a bit closer than from the island! It is an absolutely amazing experience to watch the hue of colors spreading across the width of the sky and reflecting upon everything in view. The world around you changes color for that brief moment. Sighting dolphins during this cruise is nature’s reward, and they are a delight to watch at such close reach.


Laamu atoll is known to experience the most stunning sunsets. The display of colors is breathtaking and seeing the island from a different perspective allows you to realize how lucky you are to be here. Sailing off at 1730 hours from the shores of Rahaa, we will look for dolphins before heading to a nice spot, which gives us a magnificent view of the sun setting over the skyline with nothing blocking the magical view that will leave a lasting memory of your holiday at Rahaa.